Why You Might Need a Dental Bridge

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One or more missing teeth can affect the appearance of your smile, as well as the quality of your oral health. The good news is that we can offer many dental restorations, including a dental crown or implant. If you are considering options for tooth replacement, keep in mind that dental bridges can help you have a beautiful, functional smile.

We encourage you to visit Donald R. Hermansen, DDS as soon as possible if you are missing teeth, which can result in gaps that lead to risky oral health issues such as a bad bite, drifting teeth, gum disease and a TMJ disorder.

A traditional dental bridge is comprised of at least one artificial tooth called a pontic that is held in place by using dental crowns to attach to the natural teeth on each side of the appliance. The neighboring teeth serve as anchors to support the dental bridge.

The process of placing a dental bridge can require two different separate appointments at our office. First, our dentists prepares the neighboring teeth to become abutments for the bridge. At the follow-up appointment, we can cement your bridge in place.

The type of dental bridge you receive will depend on your specific dental needs. For example, Dr. Donald Hermansen may recommend a cantilever bridge if there is only one natural tooth that serve as an anchor for the dental appliance. Another option is to place a bonded bridge that doesn’t involve the same level of preparation.

If you have further questions about a dental bridge in Redwood City, California, please contact our office at 650-716-2500 today and arrange a helpful consultation with Dr. Donald Hermansen.