The Sports that Require Mouthguards

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If you’re an athlete who plays high-contact sports and activities, then you need to remember to wear a mouthguard. This is because mouthguards can protect your teeth and gums from oral injury. In high-contact sports and activities, there is a high chance you can suffer a blow to the face. If you’re not wearing a mouthguard, it can result in knocked-out teeth, broken teeth and more.

Here is a list of sports that you should wear a mouthguard while participating in:

-Ice hockey
-Roller derby

There are many mouthguards available to protect your smile. You can find stock and boil-and-bite mouthguards at most sporting goods stores. The stock guard is pre-made and ready to wear while the boil-and-bite guard will need to be fitted. The instructions to do so are on the package and are quite easy. Your dentist offers custom-made mouthguards to protect your teeth and gums. If you’re interested in this type of guard, it’s best to schedule an appointment.

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