At the office of Donald R. Hermansen DDS, our team does their best to provide dental care that is preventive, conservative, and effective. To do so, we use the Dexis CariVu™ cavity detection device as a way to effectively locate cavities and other oral decay. In addition to detecting cavities early on and thus allowing us to provide early treatment, CariVu detection does not use radiology; this means that individuals with specific needs, such as pregnant women, can use this device as an alternative to X-rays.

The equipment and technology used in CariVu surrounds the tooth with a safe infrared light, making the tooth appear almost transparent. The process is pain-free and works to expose a tooth’s structure; any internal caries will absorb the light and appear as dark spots. By locating any dental caries, cracks, and other flaws, our patients experience a better understanding of the treatments that our dentist recommends.

This comfortable and apparent aid in diagnosing patient oral health allows you, the patient, to more contently and safely experience routine dental care. We use this tool and its results to better inform our patients on their oral health. We look forward to treating you with this cutting-edge technology, and we invite you to contact us today at 650-716-2500 for more information!