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Attain the Aesthetic Smile You Desire

One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures Dr. Donald Hermansen provides for his patients is teeth whitening. By treating the luster of the smile in his office and through products that can be taken home, he can help you attain the aesthetic smile you desire. Donald R. Hermansen DDS provides teeth whitening to patients in Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Carlos, and the surrounding communities.

Swift In-Office Treatment

Some patients prefer to receive their teeth whitening treatments during a dental appointment. Having a dental professional apply a whitening product ensures a consistent level of quality and more immediate results. Our Redwood City dentist can make sure your teeth are brighter by precisely using the teeth whitening product, and scheduling a cosmetic dental appointment for teeth whitening means that you can receive brighter teeth after thirty minutes, rather than after multiple treatments.

Additionally, Dr. Hermansen is known for being able to provide teeth whitening solutions at a faster rate than the usual standard. With Sheer White! ® whitening strips, his teeth whitening appointments only take thirty minutes to deliver a brighter smile. Most in-office teeth whitening products take between one to two hours to properly apply; as such, Dr. Hermansen can help you achieve your desired smile faster than normal.

Convenient Take-Home Whitening Products

Other patients prefer to undergo teeth whitening treatments at their home. Take-home treatments have the advantage of convenience; by following a regimen of treatment at home rather than at the dentist, you can more easily fit the treatment into your daily life instead of trying to schedule additional time for another dental appointment. Additionally, because you are reapplying the whitening product on a more regular basis, you may experience longer-lasting results from your whitening treatments than you may from an in-office procedure.

Our Redwood City dentist provides two different product options with regards to take-home teeth whitening treatments. Sheer White! ®, the same product Dr. Hermansen uses as an in-office whitening treatment, can also be implemented as a take-home whitening strips. Additionally, Dr. Hermansen offers Ultradent Opalescence® as a take-home whitening gel. Opalescence® includes customized whitening trays which he molds to fit your smile, enabling more even application of the gel solution.

Call Us Today for Your Whitening Needs!

Donald R. Hermansen DDS proudly offers teeth whitening treatments to Redwood City, Palo Alto, and San Carlos. Whether you want an in-office application or at-home treatment, our dentist can help you develop a brighter smile. For more information about our cosmetic dental procedures, or to schedule a consultation for teeth whitening, call our dental practice today!