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Cosmetic and General Dentistry - Redwood City, CA Dentist

With a passion for helping our patients get the smiles of their dreams, Dr. Hermansen and staff take great care and pride in the work we deliver to our patients. Our attentive nature and commitment to improvement helps us deliver high-quality dental solutions for you. Donald R. Hermansen DDS provides dental solutions to the patients of Redwood City and surrounding communities. 

Making Smiles Beautiful and Healthy

Dr. Hermansen has significant experience in general and cosmetic dental procedures. One example of these procedures our dentist excels in is our pure porcelain crowns. By making crowns out of this material, our Redwood City dentist can protect damaged or decayed teeth while enhancing the beauty of your smile. We can also use these crowns with dental implants to replace individual missing teeth.

Dr. Hermansen can also provide:

Providing the Latest in Personable Dental Care

Dr. Hermansen believes in the quality of his work and seeks to continually improve his skill set in order to provide the best service for our patients’ needs. Dr. Hermansen takes his continuing education seriously and makes a point to listen to his patients.

To expand and reinforce his knowledge and skills. Dr. Hermansen attends over fifty continuing education courses a year, well above the mandatory amount. This dedication to improved knowledge of best practices enables Dr. Hermansen to provide the advanced care to his patients.

Additionally, Dr. Hermansen makes a point to pay close attention to the needs and personal history of each patient he sees. Every patient is an individual with a unique history, personal goals, and distinctive concerns over their dental health. By intently listening when talking to his patients, our dentist is able to tailor the services we provide to deliver the most successful treatment for each person.

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